I’ve been using Doo for couple of weeks to re-evaluate the product. I must say, it looks good especially for personal document management system. Here’s what I feel about this product:

  • Included Rules feature so I can automate certain trivial, but repeatative task, for example tagging my Mobile bill statement. It’s like mini-version of Hazel.

    • Works really well for my usage.

    • I wish they add more conditions, like reading certain extended attributes of file (like source url). But, I understand that it will be harder to support that for a multiplatform product.

  • Multiple Storage Location, but not working seamlessly as I expected

    • For some reason, I can’t link my evernote account.

    • Some documents scanned into my Mac cannot be successfully sync via Doo Cloud. I can’t see some of the documents from the iPhone app.

    • I synced Doo from Evernote, but it didn’t work on Mac app. However, it work fine on iPhone app.

  • Intelligent automated tagging

    • Able to populate related companies based on the document content.

    • Able to extract related contacts based on document content and populate it in the People field. Imo, really good feature for correspondence email system.

  • No revision control

    • Which is really a shame.

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