If you read my (previous post on my personal document management, I mentioned about automated document filing. Apparently, with my new job at [ServiceRocket](http://www.servicerocket.com/), I sort of abandon my own personal project. Now, I want to take a slightly different approach to execute this.

I am now doing some planning before directly writing some code, which is visible to public here as Trello board. I have a few objectives from this approach:

  • Personal project involves emotion, and I really need the sense of enjoyment of delivering a task.

  • I want to have a better planning on the task distributions and break down, so that I put better focus on delivering good results.

  • I want to adopt a simpler version of Scrum-ban, which what we practiced in our team.

  • I will have a one-week sprint to deliver a story.

  • I will write test and I might end up TDD it.

  • I want to improve my knowledge and skills with more novel ideas and trending technologies. Sky is the limit, and my judgement will not be simply affected by anyone else decision/opinion.

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