This post is a follow-up on my previous post on the Automated Document Filing section.

aText - Typing shortcut for Mac

  • I managed to find cheaper alternative of TextExpander. USD5 for aText vs USD35 for TextExpander.

  • After trialing aText, I have decided to buy it.

  • At the moment, I do not really have much text snippets. But, I do want to highlight some of it, which I use a lot:

  • ;td will gives today’s ISO date. For eg: 2014-07-27

  • ;evn (means evernote) will give me default evernote title: 2014-07-27 - {{cursor}}

  • ;userstory will give me user story format for my planning at work:

    h3. Story
    *In order to* {{do something}}
    *As a* {{User or Admin}}
    *I want to* {{some more descriptions}}
    h3. Acceptance Criteria
  • {{cursor}}

  • ;cls will give me default Javadoc format for my Java class:

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  • I think such tool helps me to be more productive on my personal work and professional work. I would recommend any "typing shortcut" application for your productivity.

  • Some other possible use case with this app:

  • File naming convention

  • Write an email with default template

  • Write meeting minute with predefined template

  • Need more ideas on this topic? I would recommend TextExpander Snippets by David Sparks

Automated Filing System

  • After evaluating Hazel based on its functionality and capability, I have decided to come out with my own solution for automated filing system.

  • I wrote a Node.js project. Check it out at:

    >[categorize-inbox-to-fs on Github]
  • The objective of this project is to read the contents of documents and sort them into directory structure based on regex pattern matching.

  • It does not perform OCR on PDF. I found that Abyss OCR bundled with ScanSnap is far superior to open-sourced Terracota engine anyway, so I will leave OCR automation to ScanSnap.

  • At the moment, my script is able to detect petrol receipts from Shell and Petronas, which probably takes around 30% of my scanned documents.

  • The script will also try to guess (based on regex) the receipt date and will rename the file to the following format: 2014-07-27 shell fuel receipt

  • After running the script, I will review the results using quicklook feature in Finder app and possibly make necessary changes if needed.

  • Then, I will send those files to the respective Notebook in Evernote.

  • Some lessons that I learn while writing this:

  • Removing spaces will help with regex pattern detection because sometimes you will have S H E L L, instead of SHELL.

  • Confusing characters:

  • D, O or 0

  • i or 1 or l

  • A or 4

  • s or 3

  • Excluding some terms would be useful. For example, to match UNIT123 SOME-HARD-TO-OCR-WORDS KL SENTRAL, it would better to match with /UNIT123.*KLSENTRAL/gi. (note: I removed all the spaces prior to regex matching)

  • I am contributing my work on public domain. Obviously I will not commit any sensitive data. Thus, I am managing a separate branch for my own rules.

  • TODOs:

  • More rules to detect other documents: Internet/Phone bills, Groceries etc

  • Improve project structure to extract the rules into a different module. I haven’t really put much thought on this.

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