The Agile Coffee Podcast

  • A bunch of agilist discussing software development practices and process in a lean coffee format.

  • Good, short podcast if you’re particularly interested in agile practices.

Angular Air

  • Video podcast about AngularJS (although I only listen).

  • I rarely listen to this, but it really focused on anything related to AngularJS.

AWS Podcast

  • Podcast that discussed various aspects of AWS offerings.

  • I don’t particularly enjoy this podcast. It sounds like sales talk to me, not so much technical depth.

AWS re:Invent 2014

  • Over 200 collections of technical sessions, covering architecture, operations, security etc.

  • Highly recommended podcast if you are interested in architecture with AWS or containerization.

The Changelog

  • Weekly podcast on open source projects.

  • I would recommend this to know what’s happening in the open source community.

  • You might even use some of the promoted open source projects.

Cloudy Chat

  • Highly recommended podcast if you want to know more about cloud computing.

  • I particularly like the talks on containerizations, Redhat project on project atomic etc.

Ember Land

  • Podcast on EmberJS, which, honestly, I don’t listen much.

Frontside the Podcast

  • Podcast focussing on EmberJS (but sometimes general software engineering).

  • It’s on okay podcast.

The Java Posse

  • Podcast for Java community since 2005.

  • They no longer producing new episodes, but some of the episodes are still very interesting to listen.

JavaScript Jabber

  • I absolutely love this JSJ podcast by Charles Max Wood.

  • They talk pretty much anything about Javascript.

  • Unlike other podcast, they actually do it professionally. High quality sound. Very good content. Awesome panelist.


  • Podcast on NodeJS.

  • It’s one of the podcast that I usually listens to.

Software Engineering Radio

  • I would definitely recommend this podcast.

  • It has a good balance of contents, including architecture, technology explorations and software development practices.

thescalawags’s podcast

  • Discussion-oriented podcast relating to the Scala programming language and its community.

  • They got some of good episodes. I particularlly like the episode on Shapeless, a generic programming Scala library.

The Web Ahead

  • Conversations on changing technologies and future of the web.

  • At one point, it really focused on UI/UX.


Mac Power Users

  • Learn to get the most from Apple technologies. Hosted by Katie Floyd and David Sparks.

  • Highly recommended podcast.

  • I actually learn some of the good tips and tricks and also productivity tips.

  • I am using Omnifocus for my personal task management tool, inspired by their talk.

  • I use 1Password for effective password and secrent management, also inpired by this podcast.

Muslim Central - Mufti Ismail ibn Musa Menk

  • Mufti Ismail Musa Menk was born in Harare, Zimbabwe, and is perhaps best known for his engagements as a guest speaker in South Africa each Ramadan.

  • In this podcast, he talks about Islamic theologies, practices, sirah and Quran tafseer (exegesis / deep translation of the verses).

Muslim Central - Nourman Ali Khan

  • Nourman Ali Khan is the founder and CEO of Bayyinah.

  • I haven’t started listening to this podcast as I’m currently listening to Yasir Qadhi’s. But I am really looking forward to this!

Muslim Central - Yasir Qadhi

  • Born in Houston, I like how Yasir Qadhi talks about the fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) and sirah.

Nowadays, I listen to Yasir Qadhi, not so much on technology podcast.

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