I would like to announce that I have migrate my personal blog which was hosted on awesome Ghost platform on Digital Ocean, to Hubpress platform on Github.

You can find the Github repo at github.com/faizhasim/faizhasim.github.io.

Let me address a few motivations/reasons for this migration:

I had trouble with Ghost configuration during the migration process

  • Previously, when Docker wasn’t a thing, I just spun up a pre-baked DigitalOcean instance to run Ghost blogging platform.

  • When I started to use Docker extensively a year ago, I had an idea to migrate the blog as a Docker container and mount the data on the host. Thus, upgrading the Ghost platform itself will be a matter of updating the Docker container itself.

  • It sounds great, except the official Ghost Docker image is cumbersome to configure and I was having some configuration issues during migration process.

  • It was annoying enough and I decided to probably easier to spend time migrating the content from Ghost to Hubpress.

Maintenance Cost

  • Hubpress is just a Github repository, forked from hubpress.io Github repository.

  • Upgrading Hubpress is just a matter of pulling down the changes from the upstream.

  • The store itself is Github and for each changes (for example making a blogpost), is just another commit to my repository.

  • So, if things screw up for some reason, I can always rebase the repo to earlier commit. I did something nasty back then, I actually just rebased the blog. The whole blog have a proper versioning. Pretty neat!

  • I no longer need to SSH into the server and maintain the blog.

Inspired by Ghost

  • They are really expired by Ghost blogging platform itself.

  • The themes are effectively ports from popular Ghost themes.

Additional stuffs that’s included with Hubpress

  • Disqus integration.

  • Default links to common social medias / services.

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