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Migrated to Digital Ocean

I am quite excited to today to announce that my blog has been migrated from to I actually bought a .com domain for RM6.00/year with promotion code from GoDaddy. was hosted on Amazon Elastic Cloud architecture (or Amazon Web Services as a whole). AWS could be a little bit on the expensive side when it comes to normal blog/publication hosting, but I got 1 year free hosting, so I might as well use it. The old blog run on plain ol’ Wordpress.

Now, I migrated from Wordpress to Ghost, a blogging platform written ground-up on top of NodeJS stack. I like their mission statement:

Just a blogging platform

Why I like Ghost?

(Let say instead of Wordpress)

  • Backed by dedicated designer who aim to make UI/UX simple, clean and “mobile-first”.
  • Ghost is designed for the best blogging experience, which translates to:

    • Easy system for me to maintain.
    • No convoluted PHP code mess like Wordpress.
    • Written in NodeJS with Handlebar templating, which means easier for me to override the themes.
  • Community driven. It’s actually crowd-funded project.

Migrated from AWS to Digital Ocean

AWS is expensive for blogging. I do not need elasticity, although server elasticity is a very nice addition to any application including blogging platform.

I have reviewed some cloud-based hosting and VPS. I have considered Linode, they are basically using VPS pricing model, but elastic enough to behave like a cloud-based service. As a matter of fact, Linode is running on cloud infrastructure. They have very good reviews on customer relation and supports. I did consider that, till I found Digital Ocean. The pricing model is very simple. For USD 5/month you can get 20 GB of SSD storage and 512 MB of RAM. Perfect to start up a blog. Furthermore, I manage to grab a promotion code which give me USD 10 credit.

Going back to why do this …

My last post was in June 2013 and I am thinking of writing again. Similarly, my goal is to express my opinion mostly, but not limited to software development. Additionally, this time, I might chuck in some tutorials on programming if I have some time. I think I have learn a lot from all those free tutorials from the Internet. It is the right time to contribute back to the community.

If you need me to write or explain anything (especially software development related (Java/JS/Objective C etc), let me know.