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Pour Over Coffee - Yirgacheffe Coffee from Perk

Today’s post is about my current interest in coffee brewing using V60 pour over. I subscribed for freshly roasted coffee service from Perk.

If your are interested, get their bean from my link to get RM25.00 off your first order below:

I started to drink espresso with milk then, I started to skip sugar and milk. At one point of time, I stop brewing on the espresso machine and use Aeropress almost exclusively. While I still very rarely use the Aeropress, my current brewing technique is not predominantly pour over using V60.

I am not saying that I am a true coffee aficionado, but the taste that I’m looking for is bright and clean taste with a bit of mellow and sweetness. At the same time, I want to be pragmatic in terms of the approach, the money/cost factor, the time and effort and more importantly the joy of a cup of good coffee.

With Perks coffee, I have tried other blends or origins, but I end up getting this bean for pour over coffee. There are other reputable brewers in the region. Coffee like Suke Quto from PPP Coffee is not bad. I definitely like the seasonal coffee selection from the Three Little Birds too, even though they may be a little bit more expensive.


No recipe. Ultimately, taste and overall experience depends on your tastebuds.

I always brew for 300ml end result because that is the maximum volume of my cup. I use about 18g of coffee bean. Medium grind (took couple of tries with my grinder to get the right taste). Water is about 90-ish to 95 degree Celsius.

I am not qualified enough to give you recipe but I can share some of my personal hacks/tips:

  • If the coffee is bitter, chances that your grind is too fine. Likewise, if it’s under-extracted, they are probably too coarse.
  • If you hate to wait for boiled water to cool down (morning rush to work), put couple of ice cubes while brewing.
  • The Ethiopia Yirgacheffe coffee beans taste wonderful with cold brew too. My hack for cold brew is to put about 30g of grinded coffee in the V60 paper filter and immerse it with cold water in a mug. Wait till the next morning, and you got a nice cold brewed coffee. I did this quite regularly when fasting during Ramadan.