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Why you should consider OS X?

Back in early 2008, I made a very bold decision to move from Windows to OSX and I must say, I am very happy that I made this transition. Some of the reasons that you might consider to switch to OSX (especially if you’ve been using Windows):

  • You want to use POSIX as part of you development workflow but you just hate using Cygwin on windows.
  • As a normal user, you want your application deployment to be properly encapsulated. You do not want to uninstall an application, but you can still find “C:/Program Files/Application Name” after a successful uninstallation.
  • But, as an advance user, you hate Windows package manager because you love things like apt-get or yum for better package manager.
  • You just hate antivirus software.
  • App switching is a pain.
  • OS upgrade price.

    • OSX Mountain Lion is 20 bucks, OSX Mavericks is free.
    • Be prepared to spend hundreds for Windows.
  • You still want to use Microsoft Office.

    • Still De Facto standard for most organization, unfortunately
  • You love Linux (I know I do), but at the same time, you have a love-hate relationship with Linux because some applications looks ugly under KDE or Gnome. For example, Eclipse.
  • As a software developer, you want most of the basic tools included with your OS with minimal configuration. For eg, multiplatform scripting languge Python/Ruby, built-in ssh/ftp, simple apache web server, dtrace, SVN/Git.

Anyway, I’m still waiting for Apple to add a functionality to Finder (like Windows Explorer), where I can browse directly by typing the path. G will just open a basic text field to type the path. I wanted something more like typical distribution of Linux, where you can just type at the toolbar and it has things like autosuggest etc.